About the Institute for Development and Diplomacy

ADA University (former Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy), a state higher education institution in Azerbaijan, was established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in March 2006.

ADA University's mission is focused on cultivating highly intellectual solution providers who are closely collaborating and efficiently communicating with members of the global community.  This mission makes a strong emphasis on generating knowledge and skills, and providing a landscape to foster a culture of collaboration.

Being truly mission-driven, Institute for Development and Diplomacy (IDD) was established by ADA University in 2022 to deepen engagement and outreach with expert, research, and policymaking communities, not only in Azerbaijan and other parts of the Silk Road region, but across the globe. 

Modeled on the best practices of leading world-class research institution abroad, IDD will serve as the university’s hub of policy-oriented, interdisciplinary research and analysis outputs as well as be the focal point of high-level, policy-oriented conferences, briefings, and workshops.


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Institute for Development and Diplomacy provides

Mission and Vision


To become a leading regional hub for public policy research and analysis, intellectual discussion, nurturing talents, and international outreach.


The Institute for Development and Diplomacy (IDD) established at ADA University in 2022. Its mission is to help both governments and the citizens they serve navigate successfully through the key challenges and transformations facing our increasingly complex, dynamic, and interconnected world.

IDD’s solutions-based approach covers foreign policy, diplomacy and international affairs, geopolitics, security, energy, sustainable development (i.e., a holistic approach to economics, social policy, and the environment, including climate change and other topics related to resilience), gender, and peace and reconciliation issues of importance to Azerbaijan and the multiple regions to which it belongs.
In furtherance of its mission, IDD provides a safe space for free, open, and forthright dialogue and debate; publishes independent and policy-oriented research and analysis; hosts executive education programs; and organizes high-level events in Azerbaijan and abroad including conferences, workshops, and policy briefings. To that end, IDD cultivates professionals in government, the private sector, academia, and the expert community; provides mentoring opportunities for young talents; and participates in exchanges with institutional partners from the Silk Road region and around the world.