Executive Education

Founded in 2007 with the purpose of diplomatic training, ADA University Executive Education enjoys a reputation as the important and biggest training vehicle for government and businesses to nurture junior, midcareer and top leadership talent in our country.

For last 16 years, we have trained about 1,620 diplomats and other civil servants from 22 government agencies within “Advanced Foreign Service Program”, 684 foreign civil servants and diplomats from 106 countries within “Caspian Basin Studies Program” and other International Programs. Since 2012, we have designed and delivered 130 custom and open enrollment programs for 3,021 managers and leaders in both government and business.



Why IDD Executive Education?

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The Faculty of ADA University Executive Education comprises of highly-respected professionals representing Government, industries, and academia. Deep expertise and insight of preeminent faculty members provide a decisive focus to develop the conceptual frameworks of our programs.

Advanced Foreign Service Program

I would briefly describe the program as very informative and comprehensive. We gained a lot of information on various aspects of foreign diplomacy, domestic politics, law & security, economic, and energy spheres. It helps to develop the general outlook and knowledge in any diplomat’s professional sphere.
Suliddin Mammadov

Caspian Basin Studies Program

I strongly recommend the Caspian Basin Studies Program for any aspiring professional interested in learning more about this complex region. It is an excellent, in-depth opportunity to learn and understand the dynamics that inform the policy decisions made here that so often appear in the Western press.
Carlos Roa