Jean Monnet Chair

Jean Monnet Chair in EU Studies is a project funded by European Comission in the framework of the EU Jean Monnet Program. The objectives of current Jean Monnet Chairmanship are to promote excellence in teaching, training and research in the field of the EU Studies through developed academic and training courses proposed by JM Chair and ensure the dialogue on the fundamental values of the European integration.

The specific objectives of the current position are:

  • To advance inter-disciplinarily and policy relevance of curriculum by creating three new courses in EU Studies
  • To promote excellence in teaching and research on EU Studies
  • To deepen existing and foster new partnerships with EU HEIs
  • In alignment with Jean Monnet Chair specific objectives, the Chair position will contribute to development of excellence in the area of inter-disciplinary European Studies through research-led teaching.

Jean Monnet Chair – Dr. Anar Valiyev is Associate Professor and Dean Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) of ADA University. As an acknowledged researcher, he has received the Web of Science Award 2018 as the most productive author for Humanitarian and Social Sciences in Azerbaijan of the year. As Dean he draws on his extensive experience in research and teaching – inter alia in EU related subjects – at ADA University and in European HEIs to forge the best elements of innovative teaching methods both in his School and at his University.

Jean Monnet Chair Courses

  • EU Affairs (Syllabus could be downloaded here)
  • EU Institutions (Syllabus could be downloaded here)
  • EU Studies (Syllabus could be downloaded here)
  • Eurasia in transition: Geopolitics and Security 
  • EU Politics (Syllabus could be downloaded here)
  • EU Foreign Affairs (Syllabus could be downloaded here)
  • EU Lobbying and Negotiations 

Jean Monnet Chair publications/research

Jean Monnet Chair events

Annual Early Career Researchers Training School

Held annually within the aegis of the Jean Monnet Chairmanship in EU studies Early Career Researchers Training school (ECR TS) is aimed to offer an opportunity for further skills development on research methodology and exchange of ideas for Doctoral and Postdoctoral students, and early career researchers. The ECR TS includes presentation and discussion of papers submitted by the participating students, skill workshops and lectures. Papers are being grouped into a series of panels with 3-4 presentations in each. Panels are being chaired by senior scholars, and appointed discussants will lead discussions to ensure that all participants get valuable feedback on their contribution. Each School is being focused around selected topic covering different dimensions of EU policy, Eurasia security and other relevant issues.

Training Program on “Neighbourhood Policy – Eastern Neighbourhood and the Med Neighbourhood. The EU Acquis”

On November 1-4, 2022, Institute of Diplomacy and Development has launched professional development course on “EU Neighbourhood Policy – Eastern Neighbourhood and the Med Neighbourhood” for civil servants and government officials specialized in European issues. The training course was organized within the ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet programme of the European Union. The course aimed at improving knowledge and skills and sharing experiences among different stakeholders.
The course intended to thoroughly inform the participants on wide range of topics such as acquis as the basis of negotiations with the EU; detailed review on functioning and decision-making process within the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP); implementation of the Foreign and Security Policy in practice, the role of European External Action Service as the main tool of the EU’s diplomacy. Through a detailed analysis of the consequences of crisis that have shaken the EU for the past decade, the lecture referred to the several challenges facing the EU. Number of lectures have presented the EU policy towards non-member states. Neighbourhood policy being one of them was deeply discussed, the meaning of this policy and how it works, evolution of the policy and its mission. Both Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean component have been presented.
The course trainer was Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, who has rich experience in institutional building experience in international affairs, European affairs, government initiatives, strategy drafting gained from various positions such as Minister of European Affairs, Chief Negotiator, State Secretary for European Integration, National Coordinator for the Instrument for Pre-Accession, Ambassador of Montenegro to the EU in Brussels as well as a diplomat holding key positions in the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Conference talks

PONARS Eurasia Fall Policy Conference 2022, Washington DC

Paper presented: “Two Years After the Karabakh War: Can Azerbaijan and Armenia Reach a Peace Agreement Amidst the Ukrainian Crisis?” 

Chatham House conference. Presenting views on impact of Ukrainian crisis on Karabakh conflict.


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